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  • The first TWO days are totally free! We are offering this promo for a limited time so participants can get a good idea about what our Online Workouts are all about!
  • Check out our "Nutritional Gameplan" -- Another perk of being a CoreCamper member! See our easy-to-follow Nutrtional Program, Recipes and more.
  • Work out with us for a couple of days and see for yourself what an amazing workout you can get in 20 minutes or less. We are confident once you try it, you'll be hooked!
  • The average Online CoreCamper is losing 2-5" off their waists alone in just 4 WEEKS...with these stats, you can't afford not to give it a try!

We hope you take advantage of this amazing promo and Join the Core Movement!

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**Please note:  The 2-Day Trial is calculated by day, not by a 48-hour period.  If you sign up at noon on Monday, your two-day trial ends at midnight on Tuesday.  If you wish not to be charged further, automatic Paypal payments must be cancelled before midnight on the second day of the trial (to cancel, choose your payment method under Member Zone -> FAQ's -> cancellation).  However, we’re so confident you’ll love our workouts that this won’t be an issue!

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