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Equipment Needed: Mat, Weights & Gymboss or Stopwatch


Hello CoreCampers,


Exercises That We Will Be Doing:

16 Rounds 45:15

  1. Squat/Chop weights over shoulder
  2. Lunge / Overhead Press / Low weighted narrow squat
  3. Single knee killer abs
  4. Low hops side to side
  5. Single Leg Daisy Cutter (R)
  6. Killer Ab to stand up
  7. Single Leg Daisy Cutter (L)
  8. Double weighted swing/hip drive
  9. Weighted single leg pikes
  10. Prisoner Squat Kick
  11. Wide Squat/Serving Tray
  12. Half Jack with Weight
  13. Straight wide legs, weights side to side
  14. Quick feet, alternating directions
  15. Squat “O”
  16. Weighted Bike

Let me know how you did and as always, don’t sacrifice form for speed!

Ali & Mark

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