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Equipment Needed: Mat, Weights & Gymboss or Stopwatch


Hello CoreCampers,


Exercises That We Will Be Doing:

19 Rounds 40:15

  1. Half Jacks
  2. Squat/Overhead Press with Weights
  3. Squat Jumps
  4. Renegade Rows (straight plank, holding weights, row weights w/minimal twisting)
  5. Killer Abs (on back, crunch in & grab both knees)
  6. Half Jacks
  7. Wide squat/Double Bicep Curls
  8. Plank
  9. Front Lunge, Overhead presses as you come up
  10. Renegade Punches (straight plank, holding weights, alternate punching forward)
  11. Quick Feet with 1 weight overhead
  12. Half Turkish getup with one weight (Right Hand)
  13. Squat Jumps
  14. Half Turkish getup with one weight (Left Hand)
  15. Plank Pushups
  16. Reverse Lunge, double side delt raises as you come up
  17. Half Jacks
  18. Bicycle
  19. Weighted Squat/Arnold Press (look at your nails, twist out and show them to me)

Let me know how you did and as always, don’t sacrifice form for speed!

Ali & Mark

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