Week of 6/17/19 – 6/21/19 Workout 1 (STEP YOUR GAME UP)



Equipment Needed: Mat, Weights, Stool & Gymboss or Stopwatch

Exercises That We Will Be Doing:
20 Rounds 40:10

1. Right Foot on Stool, Squat
2. Right Foot on Stool, Lunge
3. Right Hand on Stool, Left Row
4. Seated on Stool, Right Knee Pullin
5. Right Foot on Stool, Squat Left Leg Out
6. Left Foot on Stool, Squat
7. Left Foot on Stool, Lunge
8. Left Hand on Stool, Right Row
9. Seated on Stool, Left Knee Pullin
10. Left Foot on Stool, Squat Right Leg Out

1. Squat Weighted Forward Punch
2. Diagonal Deadlift to Overhead Punch
3. Burpee to Hop
4. Weighted Pike
5. Weights Up, Lower & Raise Straight Legs
6. Weights Upright, Knee Pullins Out & In
7. All 4’s Weights Behind Knees, Raise
8. Renegade Forward Punches
9. Weighted Wide to Narrow Squat Jumps
10. Weighted Side Step to Overhead Press

Let me know how you did and as always, don’t sacrifice form for speed!

Ali & Mark