• This is a mini exercise band that engages the glutes and core, get amazing results, and can be used for over 1000 exercises. This band is superior to any other mini band because it is stretchy, will not roll, is soft on the skin and achieves amazing Glute and Core results. *All Sales Are Final.
  • Waist Trimming & Fat Burning Belt The "Six Pack Sweat" Waist Trimming & Fat Burning belt will increases your core temperature and improve thermogenic fat-burning during exercise and every day activity. Six Pack Sweat produces more sweat, aiding in water weight gain and will trim your waist in a matter of weeks. This product is made with the highest quality neoprene for superior heat insulation and aides tremendously with lower back support. Wear during exercise or throughout the day for waist trimming, belly fat burning and lower back support. Sizes: Medium (for waists up to 35") Large (for waists 35" - 40") X-Large (for waists 41" and up) Wash with a warm, soapy cloth. Do not put in washing machine. *All Sales Are Final.
  • Beginner & Advanced Level Ava Bands This band is ideal for any workout, offering fluid resistance for long, lean muscles. The #AvaBand offers continuous resistance, unlike weights, giving you amazing results, reduces injury and trains muscles to work functionally together. You can choose between a beginner level Ava Band or an advanced level Ava Band. The beginner Ava Band has a resistance level of 5 - 15 lbs, and the advanced Ava Band has a resistance level of 20 - 25 lbs. *All Sales Are Final.
  • COST: $70 for package, regularly $80 | Includes FREE Shipping & Ships Same Day “Demi Band”: This hip circle band is the best selling and best quality band on the market. Wear it during any workout to engage core/glutes and legs continuously! The Demi Band gives you an amazing booty! “Ava Band” : You could do hundreds of exercises with this 15 pound resistance band! Hook it on a secure object or just use it freely to work your entire body efficiently! “Six Pack Sweat”: The BEST Waist trimmer on the market! The six packs what has been advanced neoprene interior, no cream underneath required as with other belts. Trims waist, burns fat, tighten skin and supports your lower back! (Choose size: M (under 30” waist), L (under 36” waist), or XL (above 36”).
  • $95 with FREE SHIPPING (Regular cost $115) “LEANOUT Fat Burning Protein” Best tasting protein on the market and you just shake up with water! Builds muscle, burns fat, contains a Natural Appetite Suppressant, contains a Probiotic. 125 Cals/24g Protein per serving Gluten Free Low carb/Low sugar (Choose from Milk Chocolate or Vanilla Bean Cupcake) “LEANOUT Fat Burner with Anti-Bloat Diuretic” Burn 750+ additional calories per day! This fat burner works - Burns Fat, rids of excess water weight, increases metabolism. (90 capsules - Recommendation is to start with 1 capsule in AM, 1 capsule mid-afternoon.)
  • This is the “Demi Band” with even more grip! We didn’t think we could do it, but we improved upon the original Demi Band by adding extra “grip” to the inside of our amazing multipurpose band! It won’t move, ride up or cut into skin! This Demi Band can be used for hundreds of exercises, and is proven to transform your glutes, core, legs and can even be used with your upper body! Try our new & improved Demi Band today with FREE shipping! *All Sales Are Final.
  • LEANOut Fat Burner

    $51.95 or $46.76 / month
    FAT BURNER w/ ANTI-BLOAT Diuretic LEAN OUT by CoreCamper Fat Burner w/Anti-bloat diuretic will help you reach your fat loss goals FAST! This supplement will dramatically increase your caloric burn and energy level. It also contains a Natural Anti-Bloat Diuretic to keep excess water weight off. LEAN OUT will give you more muscle definition and help reach your fitness goals more efficiently. Recommended Dose is 3 capsules, however we recommend you start with 1-2 capsules and titrate up as needed or as your body adjusts to this highly potent supplement! 90 Capsules per bottle. *All Sales Are Final.
  • LEANOut Protein

    $51.95 or $46.76 / month
    100% CLEAN Whey Protein with Fat Burning Appetite Suppressant and Probiotics LEAN OUT by CoreCamper 100% CLEAN Whey Protein is the best tasting protein you will ever try. Low in sugar and calories, it packs a 24g of protein punch for lean muscle building. It also contains a Natural Fat-Burning Appetite Suppressant and Probiotics so you feel full longer AND easily digest your protein! This protein is gluten free and also contains "Casein Protein", which acts as a timed-release protein to feed your muscles over a longer period of time. This protein is so good, it tastes great just in a shaker cup with 6 oz of water! Add a couple of ice cubes, shake it up and enjoy! CoreCamper.com recommends .5 g protein per lb. of body weight per day to build and maintain fat-burning lean muscle, making this product an ideal solution to reach that goal. 25 Servings Choose from either Milk Chocolate or Vanilla Bean Cupcake flavors. *All Sales Are Final.
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