Secrets of a Fat Burning Warrior


Secrets of a Fat-Burning Warrior

So you want to get ripped? In order to do so there are a few components that need to work together to lean out, build muscle and lose weight.  Believe it or not, this secret is more accessible than you think.

Here are som basic rules I have my clients adhere to that unlock the secret of a lean, ripped physique.

Eat Protein With Every Meal

While you are sitting there, reading this blog, your body is breaking down and building muscle.  I recommend my clients eat at least 1/2 g protein per lb. of body weight each day (so if you are 140 lbs., shoot for at least 70 g of protein).  Every time you eat at least 15 grams of protein, you are triggering muscle-building in your body.  And to reallyreally optimize this muscle building, eat at least 30 grams to make this last up to 3 hours after you eat!  So what has protein? I recommend my clients get their protein from lean meats such as chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, legumes, tofu and milk.  Looking for a quick 15 grams ofgrams of protein? Try eating the whites of 2 hard-boiled eggs.  Done and done.

Never, I mean Ever, Skip Breakfast

When you wake in the morning, your body awakes feeling deprived.  What you choose to feed it from the get-go is one of the most important decisions you will make all day. You need food to jump-start that metabolism -- shifting calories to the a.m. puts a spark in your metabolism and gets the fat burning going for the day.  Amazingly, eating breakfast in the morning decreases your risk of obesity by 450 Percent!

I recommend my clients eat about 30 percent of their daily caloric intake in the morning.  Think of food as fuel and you are "fueling up" for the day. Choose "premium fuel" and match healthy carbs and protein together to make a breakfast that will give you energy and burn fat. 

So what does that look like?  Try 3 scrambled egg whites, a piece of whole grain toast and piece of fruit.

Don't Skip That Post-Workout Meal

After your workout the clock starts ticking.  Research shows that eating a healthy mini-meal within 45 minutes after your workout ends helps stop the fat-storing effects of Cortisol as well as produces more stem cells, which help recovery and lean muscle growth. Remember, we want that muscle growth...lean muscle does all of the hard work for us--it burns fat for HOURS after your workout.  Building muscle takes more than a weight training session.  Nutrition is a key component to aide that growth and thse two in combination can spike your calorie burn for 39 HOURS after a weight training workout.

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