So, here's the deal: We've been around a long time (we launched in 2009 and invented the "online workout" trend!). We believe we still do it BEST, and turns out that our customers agree!

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 by Candace B

This is by far the BEST workout program I have ever tried. I lost 4" off my waist in the first two weeks and have continued to progress.

 by Josh H.

"As a former collegiate athlete and Crossfit junkie, I thought CoreCamper would be too easy for me.  Ummmm-no! Ali Kicks my BUTT every day and I love it. Her exercises work so many muscle groups at once that I really do feel stronger overall.  My waistline also shows the results. I follow her meal plans and workout with CoreCamper online 4-5 days a week and have lost over 5 inches off just my waist. Thanks Ali & Mark. You're the real MVP."

 by Dave M.

"No other workout program has 3 daily difficulty levels of daily workouts, and if you think 20 minutes a day is not haven't tried CoreCamper. The best results I have ever had and it's a program I have actually stuck with.  Thanks Ali & Mark."

 by Amy B.

"This is a program for the whole family. Our entire household shares one membership and boy do we use it. My husband does the low impact level on his time, I do the fast track at work once my students go home (I project it on the wall and it's awesome!), and we even get our kids involved in the CoreCamper workouts.  We also have tried MANY of Ali's amazing recipes and follow the meal plans each week. The Grocery list is really helpful and this has been really impactful on my family's health.  Consider us CoreCampers for life!"

 by Alan T.

"I feel like I know Ali and Mark.  Their workouts are personal and not like other sites that have tried to copy them. I also love the themes of the daily workouts -I'm one of those people who look the night before what is coming up for the next day.  As a person who has always dreaded exercise, the fact I anticipate it is huge."

 by Katy C.

"I love that I have a TV Fitness Expert as my personal trainer. Ali and Mark and amazing and their training styles keep me on my toes. I used to think that 20 minutes a day was not enough to get a good workout in...until I tried CoreCamper lol."

 by Tina L.

In a hotel room, in my living room, in my kitchen, on the beach, on a cruise, even at a spare room at the office gym! These are all the places I have done my CoreCamper workout! I love that I can do them anytime and anywhere and I am NEVER disappointed."

 by Cyndi E.

"This is the first program my husband and I do together. I use the term together loosely 🙂 We have two small kids so I fit my workout in during the morning, he does it after work. We don't have to sacrifice time away from our kids to go to the gym and I love the varying difficulty levels so we both can be challenged."

 by Cathy M.

"The workouts are AMAZING but so are the weekly meal plans, grocery lists and recipes.  I love that this is a comprehensive program and it truly cuts out the need to go to a gym. It's like having a personal trainer tell you what to do and what to eat.  Its fabulous!"

 by Gail M.

"I first joined CoreCamper thinking it would be fun to mix up my workouts for a month, then go back to my gym membership. Fast forward 5 years later! I am in the best shape of my life and am actually addicted to getting my CoreCamper workout in every day."

 by Melodie M.

"I first saw Ali on TV so finally decided to try CoreCamper.  I am so glad I did.  I log in, choose what level I want for the day, hit play and follow along! I even can do these workouts on my TV in my living room and sometimes even my kids join in.  Love Ali and Mark and love CoreCamper even more :)"

 by David G.

"I used to be a gym rat until I got burned out. Tired of driving there, parking, waiting in line for machines, and just the overall lack of results.  CoreCamper is a game - changer.  I am in the best shape of my life and I fit my workout in my busy day without feeling like I am falling behind.  This 45 year year old is in better shape than when I was 30!"

 by Andrew Y.

"I am retired and thought this program may be too tough for me.  Not true. The "Mobility" and "Low Impact" levels challenge me immensely without putting excess stress on my joints. We love CoreCamper."