Week of 9/16/19 – 9/20/19 Workout 4 (STRAIGHT FROM THE UNDERGROUND TABATA)



Equipment Needed: Mat, Weights, Demi Band & Gymboss or Stopwatch

Exercises That We Will Be Doing:
25 Rounds 20:10 Each Exercise
Max Reps
Max Speed
Proper Form


1. R straight leg back, standing
2. Hovering pushup, band around your arms, alternate elbow down
3. Curtsy lunge
4. L straight leg back , standing
5. Weighted half jack, band around legs
6. Reverse straight plank, kick
7. Squat pulses
8. Demi band squat pulses on toes
9. Reverse straight plank jacks

1. Sit back on heals, crab rotate and break dance
2. R leg in air, diving scorpion pushup
3. Pushup, jump foot up and clap under
4. L leg in air, diving scorpion pushup
5. Forward / reverse lunge
6. Straight plank tap opposite foot behind
7. Single foot hop pull thru
8. Scissor legs, crunch up each time and touch foot
9. Hips up in reverse plank, drop hips/pull knee in/kick up

1. Weight up, scissor legs
2. Weights on hips, hips up, slowly walk feet out and in
3. Hold both weights under chin, LOW side walks back and forth across mat
4. Weighted super low lunges forward and back
5. Hand on r weight, row, Jump feet up to flat back/row
6. Switch sides
7. Pike legs up, hips up

Let me know how you did and as always, don’t sacrifice form for speed!

Ali & Mark