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Week of 1/14/19 – 1/18/19 Workout 5 (GO PRO – THROW BACK)



Equipment Needed: Mat, Weights & Gymboss or Stopwatch

Exercises That We Will Be Doing:

21 Rounds 40:10

1. Weighted Deadlifts

2. Low Impact Burpee to Pushups on Knees

3. Straight Arm Plank Big March

4. Weighted Low Impact Burpees

5. Elbow Plank Pendulum

6. Narrow to Wide Squat Jumps

7. Boat Presses

8. Front Lunges w/ Weight Overhead

9. Walkout to Pushups on Knees 

10. Low Impact Hill Climbers

11. Plie Squats

12. Narrow to Wide Squat Jumps touching Ground

13."W" Squat/Overhead Press

14. Low Impact Jacks

15. Boat Position, Weight Side/Press/Side

16. Elbow Plank Single Leg Donkey Kick

17. Plyo Jump Over Weights, Diagonal Press

18. Prisoner Reverse Lunge

19. Commondo Pushups

20. Quick Bicep Curls

21. Straight Arm Knee Crosses

Let me know how you did and as always, don’t sacrifice form for speed!

Ali & Mark

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