CoreCamper FAQ's

Hi CoreCampers!

We are here for you 24/7 if you need support, have questions or just some motivation! However, sometimes you may have a quick question that, chances are, others have had too!  Check out our FAQ's...

When are the Fast Track & Low Impact Workouts and the Nutritional Gameplan released?

To give you time to check them out and prepare, workouts are posted by 7 pm Central Time the night prior.  Weekly Nutritional Gameplans are released by 7 am Central Time Sunday mornings so you have time to prep and grocery shop.

Should I do the Low Impact or Fast Track workouts & how many workouts do I have to do per day?

The beauty of being a CoreCamper is that you can choose from both!  Try the Fast Track and if it is too intense as you get started, scale back the the Low Impact workouts.  Whatever you do, make sure you are challenging yourself!

Because these SHORT workouts are so intense and utilize multiple major muscle groups at once, you only need to do one per day and we recommend you workout with us 4-5 times per week.

What Internet Browser should I use?

For the best viewing experience, we recommend you use Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Each can be downloaded and used for free.

Can I watch the videos on my television?

Yes!  For those tech-savvy CoreCampers you may use HDMI cable to attach your computer to your television if your TV has the capability.

How do I switch to a different membership level?

To switch, cancel your automatic payments via Paypal.  When your membership expires, just simply re-sign up for the level you wish. Remember, the longer period you choose, the better per month deal you get!

How do I update my billing information?

If you paid for your membership using a credit card, please click here to update your billing information; if you paid using PayPal, please click here.

How do I cancel my CoreCamper membership? Please click here.