CoreCamper Weekly GLUTEN-FREE Gameplan: 

Hi CoreCampers:

Many people have found switching to a Gluten-Free diet is a better choice for them, whether they have Celiac disease, or just a sensitivity to gluten. At, we like to help everyone enjoy clean eating! This Gluten-Free plan is easy to follow and gives you multiple options for breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Snack.

CoreCamper GLUTEN-FREE Nutritional Gameplan Guidelines:

1. Eat 5-6 mini-meals per day, or every 2-3 hours — Eat on a consistent schedule!
2. Make breakfast the largest meal of the day, dinner the leanest
3. Consume at least 1/2 gram protein per lb. of body weight each day
4. Consume approximately 10-11 calories per lb. of body weight each day
5. Drink at least 1/2 oz. of water per lb. of body weight each day


CoreCamper LeanOut Protein shake (get our protein at
*3 egg whites plus one whole egg with 1/4 cup each red and green peppers and red onion, half a med tomato, chopped and 1 oz Swiss Cheese, cooked in 1 tsp olive oil with a dash of pepper and oregano.


Sweet Potato Toast with Almond Butter: Cut 1⁄2 sweet potato lengthwise into three 1⁄2-inch-thick slices; toast in toaster or toaster oven until soft, 3 to
4 minutes; top with 2 tbsp almond butter, 1 tbsp chia seeds and pinch cinnamon


Banana Chia Oatmeal: In a saucepan, combine 1 ripe banana, mashed, 1 cup non-dairy milk, 1/3 cup oats and 1⁄4 tsp cinnamon and bring to a boil; reduce heat and simmer, uncovered, until oats are desired texture, 7 to

10 minutes; top with 1 tbsp chia seeds


1 egg, hard-boiled, with pinch each salt and peppe


1 egg, hard- boiled, with pinch each salt and pepper


Carob Coconut Bark Cups: Combine
11⁄2 cups carob powder, 11⁄2 cups shredded coconut, pinch stevia and 3⁄4 cup melted coconut oil; pour into 12 muffin cups fitted with liners and freeze; eat 2; save leftovers in freezer


Grilled Chicken Breast, 1 mashed sweet potato, 1 cup steamed broccoli, 1 apple
You can either eat the chicken breast alone OR put it in 2 cups of dark leafy greens for an amazing salad! We love the "BoltHouse Farms" low calorie/high protein dressing. You can find this in the produce section at Target


Turkey Burger: Grilled turkey burger in large piece of romaine lettuce, cucumber and tomato and 1 tsp. Hummus. (We LOVE Sabra!)
1/2 Cup dark blueberries


1/2 Cup Cooked Quinoa & Kale (Pre-Prep this as a go-to side dish!), Grilled or Baked 4 oz chicken breast (we love Ken Davis Carb 2 Carb low sugar BBQ sauce, you can find it anywhere!),
Piece of fruit


2 stalks celery with 1⁄4 cup almond butter


Slice a Cucumber in half lengthwise, smear with hummus and add turkey slices. Perfect cucumber sandwich


Protein Shake (try our LEAN OUT Protein at with a pear or apple


Italian Chicken: Bake 4 oz lean chicken breast with organic marinara sauce (minimal). Serve with grilled zucchini slices (we love to use a grill pan on the stove, add some olive oil and Mrs Dash "Salt Free" seasoning)


Grilled Salmon Topped Salsa:
2 cups dark leafy greens with baby tomatoes, cucumber slices and Bolthouse Farms dressing


Fish or Chicken Tacos in Romaine lettuce "tortillas", garnish with tomoatoes, cilantro, pinch of cheese, shredded lettuce and plain greek yogurt


Protein Balls: Mix 1 cup Sunflower Butter with 1.5 cup oats, 2 tbsp honey, 3 scoops protein powder. Create small, bite-size balls and refrigerate for one hour. Serving=2 tbsp sized protein balls.


Protein Shake just before bed! (Try our LEAN OUT Protein at

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